Desperate Housewives: The Game (Android & iOS)


Desperate Housewives: The Game is a narrative adventure game with simulation elements. I designed a few meta systems and streamlined the user experience.

Job: UX and game design.

Tetris (Android & iOS)


Tetris is (surprisingly) a touch adaptation on the classic puzzler. I had the opportunity to work, among others, on a dynamic achievement system.

Job: UX and level design.

Rock Band Reloaded (iOS)


Rock Band Reloaded was the first foray of the series to a new support: the tablet. I adapted the original user experience and added features to expand the product value.

Job: UX and game design.

Other Video Games

  • Beauty and the Beast: Perfect Match (Android/iOS): UX design
  • Unannounced collectable card game port (PC): UX design
  • Unannounced LEGO Augmented Reality Game (PC): UX and game design
  • Cars Daredevil Garage (iOS): Game design
  • Cupcake Carnival (Android/iOS): UX and level design
  • Calling All Mixels (Android/Fire OS/iOS): UX and level design
  • Surviving High School ‘11 (Feature Phone): UX and game design
  • Bee Movie Game (PlayStation 2 and Xbox 360): Game and level design.
  • Monsters VS Aliens: The Video Game (PC, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Wii and Xbox 360): Game and level design.
  • Bee Movie Game (PlayStation 2 and Xbox 360): Game and level design.


Poutine à deux

pa2 Poutine a deux is a show where I had casual conversations with game developers while eating a delicious poutine.

Les jeux sont faits

LJSF Les jeux sont faits was a podcast where I covered the gaming news from a developer's perspective.